Cam Newton took a Seahawks flag and chucked it after huge playoff win

The Carolina Panthers advanced to the NFC Championship after beating the Seattle Seahawks 31-24.

As Newton was leaving the field, he couldn’t help but take one more opportunity to put the Seahawks down.

Newton was running to the tunnel, high-fiving fans, when somebody handed him a Seahawks flag. Newton took it and tossed it away.

It appears that the flag was given to him by a Panthers fan, as opposed to Newton stealing it from a Seahawks fan.

Regardless, NFL fans don’t love when Newton does this. Recall during the regular season when Newton stole a Packers sign from some Packers fans and had it thrown away, prompting the fans to call stadium security on him while he was criticized by some.

Once again, Cam is letting the NFL world know that Bank of America stadium is the Panthers’ house.

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