Chicago Bears legend Brian Urlacher unveiled his brand new head of hair

Brian Urlacher HairWGN News/Youtube

Brian Urlacher has really taken the “New Year, New Me” mantra to heart. On Tuesday the Chicago Bears legend revealed on Chicago WGC Morning News that he underwent a special treatment to give himself a brand new head of hair.

Urlacher said that the treatment took place in November and that a friend who had previously done the treatment inspired him to do it, too.

His biggest concern prior to the procedure was whether his kids would like it.

“My kids were the main people I had to run it by and my daughter said ‘it doesn’t look bad,” Urlacher said on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday.

Afterwards, Urlacher was uncertain about the new look since he hadn’t really had much hair since high school or college, so he wore a hat everywhere he went. But a funny interaction at a restaurant helped him feel good about the new look.

From WCG:

I know I look a little better because I was going to a fancy restaurant one day, and I had my hat off by accident. I was getting food and this girl goes, ‘You look like Brian Urlacher, but he’s a lot … older-looking than you’ — this was when I had hair — she goes, ‘He looks a lot older than you.’ I was like, ‘ You’re right, thank you.’ So basically, she was telling me I look kinda young.

The only downside, it seems, is getting ready in the morning.

“My shower time has nearly tripled,” Urlacher said (via Dan Patrick). “My get ready time, almost four minutes has been added on to my get-ready time.”

You can watch the reveal below:

And here’s a promotional video for the hair procedure:

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