Christine Lagarde ended up speaking to a robot on the last day of Davos

Today marks the end to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland and usually that means it’s pretty quiet.

While there are a few sessions to go to and people to meet, a large chunk of the 2,500 participants start to travel back to whichever one of the 100 countries they came from. It didn’t help that a record-breaking blizzard has crippled the East Coast of America.

It also means that some of the world’s most powerful people like Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, took more time to mingle with delegates, journalists, and companies that were looking for a line or a photo op.

After talking in a session about how financial markets need more clarity on how the Chinese authorities are managing their currency, particularly the relationship of the yuan to the US dollar, she went and joined the rest of the delegates in the Congress Hall for the final day buffet.

ChristineLagardeCongressLianna Brinded/Business InsiderChristine Lagarde mingling in Congress Hall dining area in Davos.

She was pretty much swamped by people wanting to talk to her and as a media badge holder, it was very difficult for any film crew or writer to get close enough to speak to her.

christinelagarde2Lianna Brinded/Business InsiderChristine Lagarde in Davos.

But after speaking to fellow financiers, Lagarde was ushered to the side by a team of people who built a robot that is holding a newspaper. It looked like this:

LagardeLianna Brinded/Business Insider

What happened next was quite gracious of Lagarde, considering she had several big names waiting to speak to her on the sidelines. Check out a quick Instagram video I took here:

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