Cool tech: Yuneec drone, The Witness and more

Seen any cool tech lately?

Plenty of great products pass through our office throughout the year, many of which we don’t always have time to talk about on camera. Rather than continue to let these cool devices slip by, we figured it would be a better idea to film a compilation video, which is a more digestible way to learn about these products and services.

The Witness? If you haven’t already read our coverage, you can learn about why people are so pumped about this mysterious puzzle game in the video above. And more.

Last year, we talked about a drone from Yuneec that many people probably wrote off as just another wannabe. But we’ve been using it for the past few weeks, and it’s pretty amazing. As someone who doesn’t have much experience flying drones, the Yuneec Typhoon G drone is probably the most accessible one I’ve seen yet. Not only is it dead simple to fly, but the controller comes with a built-in touchscreen that gives you a live video feed from the drone’s perspective.

Here are some other Typhoon G stats to blow your mind:

  • Up to 25 minutes flight time
  • 3-axis precision gimbal camera
  • Up to 400m direct digital video down link
  • User controlled video resolution, white balance and light exposure

We were skeptical this thing could capture solid, steady video, but as you can see in the video above, footage looks pretty damn good. And, like I said, it’s easy to fly, and isn’t intimating like some other drones can be. It even features a fun “follow me” mode that works pretty well.

Check out the video above to see what other cool tech we’ve been playing around with.

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