Damn It Plasti Dip, Stop Looking So Delicious

(Image Credit: DYC Inc.)

Look, I have a thing for Plasti Dip. Something about watching the colors get mixed, thinking about that rubberization, oh yeah, I want to lick this chameleon-coloring right off the haunches of this Audi RS7. But seriously, get a load of the color-shift people are pulling off with peelable paint now!


DYC (“Dip Your Car”) Inc. and its fearless muscley-armed leader Fonzie sure do churn out a lot of videos of mixing and applying weird colors of these removable paint-substitutes. I’ll be honest, I watch most of them. But this green-to-purple color shifting job has got me particularly slobbery.

It looks like actual candy!

As you’ll hear Fonzie explain if you sit through the video’s minute-long intro (skip to 03:30 if you just want the glamor shots), what’s being sprayed here isn’t the Plasti Dip you’ve seen in cans on the shelves at Home Depot or O’Reilly Auto Parts. It’s something a little more advanced, called Auto-Flex, which apparently takes a little more specialized equipment to apply but still ends up being peelable like the cheap stuff.


I guess you can wash it, wax it, and even sand it like regular car paint. But when you’re bored of it, it peels off like Patrick Bateman’s morning face mask.

Can’t say I’d want to put color-changing paint, peelable or not, on my own car but I sure do like looking at it and maybe imagining tasting it. Is that weird?

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