Do You Still Have Your Scion Mix CDs? Send Them All To Us

Do You Still Have Your Scion Mix CDs? Send Them All To Us

Scion used to be cool, man. Or at least it tried to be. It tried damned hard to appeal to the youths, especially in the early years, and a lot of that was through a thing that’s always popular with the youths: music.

You may remember that for years and years at auto shows, concerts, raves, sporting events, Opium dens and other places where youths are known to congregate, Scion would distribute these promotional mix CDs. Usually they were full of what’s now called EDM or experimental hip-hop.

I don’t know how many Scion put out. Millions, probably. One of them had some Jurassic Five songs. They’re decent! Another sampler featured music from a bunch of people I’ve never heard of.


I had a few of these CDs. I feel like everyone who ever went to an auto show ended up with at least a couple. Do I still have them? Do I own a device that plays CDs? I do not know.

But chances are, you might have some Scion mix CDs lying around your house or Opium den somewhere. And Jalopnik wants them. All of them, ideally.


What are we going to do if we get all the Scion mix CDs? I don’t know yet. Maybe we’ll take all the songs on them and mix them together into one giant song, the Song of Scion, a barrage of noise so potent it could kill an adult human; maybe we’ll work them into one of our Jalopnik Videos. I don’t know, but I want all the Scion CDs.

If you have them, please send them to us. No, you won’t get them back. If this is a problem for you, go ahead and “rip” the music from the CDs onto your “hard drive” so you have digital copies instead. How badly do you want to hang on to early 2000s house music, anyway? It can’t possibly be good.

Or maybe it is! We don’t know yet. Send us the CDs if you’ve got ‘em and we’ll include your name in whatever project we come up with. We’ll also send you a Jalopnik sticker! I feel this trade is more than fair.

Send your CDs to:

The Scion Musical Experience Project

Gawker Media, c/o Jalopnik

2 West 17th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10011

You can also send the tracks via email to Why not.

Our subversive Scion musical art project is going to be amazing. I think. Stay tuned.

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