Exciting iOS 10 concept imagines ‘Advanced Control Center’


Control Center has become an incredibly useful addition to iOS since it was introduced in late 2013, but many users feel it doesn’t do enough. Designer Sam Beckett changes that with a new iOS 10 concept that imagines an “Advanced Control Center.”

Beckett’s Control Center is everything you would want the feature to be. Users can rearrange and customize its toggles and shortcuts; use 3D Touch presses to access quick settings for things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Night Shift mode, and more; and toggle the new Dark Mode.

These changes make Control Center much more like Android’s Quick Settings menu, only even more customizable — and even more useful thanks to 3D Touch. What’s more, I don’t think there’s one iOS user out there who wouldn’t welcome these changes with open arms in iOS 10.

Of course, the unfortunate thing is, Apple appears to have no intention of making Control Center customizable. Almost three years on, it has hardly changed at all, with the company maintaining its simplistic approach that requires no setup or maintenance.

Would you like to see an advanced, customizable Control Center in iOS 10?

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