Here’s how to order the Echo Dot without Alexa

Earlier today, Amazon introduced new ways to bark orders at Alexa with the Echo Tap and Echo Dot. The Tap, as earlier rumors foretold, is a portable Bluetooth speaker that requires the press of a button in order to execute Alexa’s superpowers. The Dot, meanwhile, is a tiny puck that’s more of an extension to the Echo, and can be plugged into existing speakers. Weirdly, the $89.99 Dot can only be ordered through Alexa, which is a strange way to offer a product.

Luckily, people have already discovered a few ways to get around Amazon’s restrictions, no Alexa required.

There are a few different ways depending on which mobile OS you use. For iOS, open up the Amazon app and search for Echo Dot. When the results come up, don’t jump to the product page; instead, swipe right on the product and an option for “Add to Cart” will appear. Add it and you can order the Dot, bypassing Alexa altogether.

Additionally, some Android users are reporting that using voice commands to add the Echo Dot to their cart is also a successful way to order the product; the method is working for some people, so your results may vary.

Either way, if you don’t have an Alexa-equipped device in your home already, there are ways to get your hands on the Dot. Better hurry quick, however, because there’s no telling how long the loophole will stay open before Amazon shuts it down.

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