Holy Crap Matt Damon Wrecks A Lot Of Cars In The New Jason Bourne Trailer

Holy Crap Matt Damon Wrecks A Lot Of Cars In The New Jason Bourne Trailer

Jason Bourne knows who he is now. And he still drives like we all wish we could– unleashing motorized hell on Las Vegas, chasing a Bearcat SWAT truck in a manual-shift Dodge Charger.

Despite committing the cardinal sin of repeating a clip, and also looking exactly like a movie you’ve seen before, maybe more than once, Jason Bourne will probably be pretty entertaining.


I assume I’m not the only one who measures a movie’s quality by how many vehicles blow up in the trailer, right?

Let’s see, something explodes at 01:23 and is barely dodged by a motorcycle.


Another car gets smoked at 01:28 in an intersection.

Looks like a limo crashes right into the side of that Bearcat at around 02:00 then shit gets real when the armored vehicle rolls straight through at least eight cars of stopped traffic. It’s a straight-up tidal wave of automobile!

And it’s morbidly satisfying to watch. Come on, I know you wish that could be the way you clear your path home from work– with flashing lights and a battering ram.

Looks like this movie comes out in July, and I’m sure we’ll see much morestuff go up in smoke on the big screen then.


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