How Battle Ready Is A Stock Ford F-150?

How Battle Ready Is A Stock Ford F-150?

When people buy a truck, it’s typically based on all sorts of capability-based specifications (or longstanding familial preference). How much load can it carry? How much can it tow? Can it take a .50 caliber bullet to the nose and keep trucking? What about an anti-tank shell?

Luckily for all of us, YouTuber Richard Ryan put up a series of videos on his popular FullMag channel showing what kind of damage a Ford F-150 will take from various munitions.

He started small, shooting a .22 through the windshield:


And then at the tire, to see if it would actually penetrate:


Surprisingly the .22 couldn’t penetrate both walls of the tire, so a easy patch job would do the trick (at least for a while).

Then he shot the considerably larger .50 caliber round into the windshield:

And then the tires:

It trimmed through the first tire pretty clean but oh, oh that second tire was completely eviscerated.

And then the .50 into the engine (if you want an explanation as to why he’s destroying this truck, here’s your video):

And finally the tortured F-150 took an 75mm anti-tank round straight through the grille:

So, how battle ready is a stock previous-generation F-150?

Not. At all.

Also, it should be said that Mr. Ryan shoots all his videos on a secured range, and typically seems to have other trained people around when he does his thing. If you don’t have the means, don’t play with guns.

Besides, this stuff is like research, right? For science!

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