I Wouldn’t Own A Toyota FT-4X But I Totally Would Loot The Shit Out Of One

The FT-4X, Toyota says, is for the urbanites who want the option of taking weekends away in the wilderness. Sure. Fine. It has true mechanical four-wheel drive, too, to get the job done. Presumably, though, when the millennials aren’t glamping, they’d be parking the FT-4X on the street somewhere.



And what’s something they always tell you when you street park your car? Remove all of your valuables. Because someone might walk by and break in to steal them. Well, because the FT-4X is filled with rad shit, it’s actually a parked felony waiting to happen.

Image credit: Toyota

Water Bottles

There are four water bottles in the FT-4Xj, one in each door acting as handles. Or maybe they are door handles acting as water bottles, who knows. I’m not sure how much water each of these holds because they look small, but you could definitely carry a decent amount of wine or a cocktail of some kind in them. Super handy.

Image credit: Toyota

Removable Radio

Remember when people were breaking into cars to steal radios? This can be a thing again! This center console entertainment system is removable, designed to be portable to any tailgating or beach event the owner attends.


Or, you know, if you’re just someone looking for a portable, battery-powered radio.

Image credit: Toyota

North Face Sleeping Bag

This armrest doubles as a North Face sleeping bag, in case the big, screaming North Face logo didn’t give that away. And if I know anything about North Face, I can also tell you that it would probably expensive if they sold it in stores.

This is cute and will also probably work only once, because I can almost guarantee you that nobody will be able to fold it back into this neat rectangular shape again when they’re done with it. But still! North Face sleeping bag!

Image credit: Toyota


In regular cars, this is just a dome light. But not here! Here, it’s a removable flashlight that can also be an exterior locator or beacon. If you, like, get lost in the big scary woods or something. I’m really digging the blue, though.

Image credit: Kristen Lee


Yes, that is a GoPro embedded in the meat of the driver’s side wing mirror.



It’s meant for capturing heroic scenery (hah, brand appropriate word choice) but c’mon. All any perp would need to do is smash off that mirror and boom! New GoPro.

Here’s what I learned today: if you want to go glamping, don’t go to REI or L.L. Bean or crap like that. Just break into a Toyota FT-4X Concept and you’ll be set.

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