It’s MAR10, Mario Day, and Nintendo makes it official in a new video

Star Wars has May the 4th. Pi has 3/14. Back to the Future had October 21, at least until last year when the future became the past. In short, we love our geeky holidays. Another one of those is happening right around us:


March 10, abbreviated as above, is Mario day. Fans of the stout plumber have celebrated it in the past, but this year Nintendo has made it official with the video above. Mario walks around the Nintendo office, turning everything around him into Mario-related stuff. Let’s not go into how weird his expressionless face makes all this, and just enjoy the spirit of it.

How will you celebrate MAR10? Dive into a pile of stuffed Mario toys? Load up Super Mario Bros. 3? Or maybe look up clips of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show starring Captain Lou Albano as Mario? Jump into the comments and let us know! And if you’re curious how others are celebrating, Nintendo is promoting the #Mar10Day hashtag to try to get everyone talking.

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