John Oliver explains the Apple, FBI encryption battle in hilarious new video

John Oliver’s covered thorny tech issues in the past, just check out his incredible breakdown of the Net Neutrality debate from 2014. Now he’s back with an analysis of Apple’s battle with the FBI over encryption that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

Oliver offers a solid breakdown of the issue and everything that’s happened in the past few weeks as tensions between Apple and the FBI continue to escalate. He argues that Cupertino is mostly right, but adds that the company is just barely stopping potential hackers thanks to encryption.

The 18-minute segment ends with a hilarious and very NSFW parody ad, which shifts between friendly Apple engineers and a hacker threatening to do inappropriate things with the information stored on a stolen iPhone. It’s a funny reminder that all the personal data stored on our smartphones may not be as secure as we hope.

You can watch the video above, just be warned that this is an HBO program and it’s not exactly appropriate for work.

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