Kickstart this smart lock that can control your entire house

The smart home of the future can’t just come packed with smart appliances and gadgets. It needs to light up with activity as soon as you walk through the door. Now it turns out that futuristic house of our dreams is within reach thanks to a clever new gadget making the rounds on Kickstarter.

The BlueGuard-E is a smart lock, but it’s also so much more. With a bit of extra work you can turn this device into an automatic switch for your entire house.

The BlueGuard-E bills itself as the safest smart lock on the market. That’s not just a testament to the software and app. The lock is made of industrial steel and designed to look like a regular model so hackers won’t target your home. It’s powered by four AA batteries that should last as long as a year. The app will also let you know when they start to run low so you have time to replace them.

It’s also extremely easy to use. Once you’re set up you can unlock the front door using the app. There’s also a special key fob that works with the press of a button in case you’re hands are full or you can’t find your phone. Of course, it also works with a regular key or a keypad code.

The BlueGuard-E app also makes it easy to give other people a digital key to your house, letting you choose between permanent or temporary access. That’s perfect if you’re running an AirBnB. You could even use it to give your repairman temporary access to the house, assuming you trust them there alone.

So that’s how the lock part works, but what about the rest of your smart home? It’s actually pretty simple. By connecting BlueGuard-E to the rest of your gadgets you can turn it into a switch that activates everything as soon as you walk through the door.

The same company actually offers a smart lighting hub to connect the lock to your lights so when you open the door the lights turn on automatically. Through a partnership with FABRUX, a smart home platform, you can connect to pretty much any connected gadget, including HomeKit devices or a Nest thermostat.

You can pre-order the BlueGuard-E for as $79 on Kickstarter. It should arrive by March, though delays are always possible.

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