Latest Windows 10 build causes freezing on Surface Book, Surface Pro

You should probably avoid Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 build if you’re an Insider. The version 14269 update introduces a freezing issue on the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3 that can only be fixed with a hard reset.

Users who have already installed this build, which was rolled out on Friday, will find that their devices sometimes hang and no longer accept input from the keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. Microsoft says the only workaround is to hold down your machine’s power button to reboot it.

That’s not the only issue, either.

“We are continuing to track several issues reported by Insiders where some PCs will freeze or bluescreen when resuming from hibernation,” Microsoft adds. “Disabling hibernation is a workaround in some cases until this is fixed.”

There are also compatibility issues with Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Internet Security, or the Kaspersky Total Security Suite.

It’s not totally clear if Microsoft has now pulled this particular release, but it was only available to Insiders in the Fast Ring. If you’re one of them and you have the option to install this update, it’s probably best that you ignore it for the time being.

Microsoft doesn’t say when we can expect a fix for this issue, but it’s likely to be included in the next Insider build.

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