Pokémon GO boosts spawning rates and item drops all week

Pokémon GO’s daily assignments are live, and players around the world are getting bonuses for their first PokéStop visits and catching their first Pokémon.What players weren’t expecting was the boost in Pokémon spawning rates, which Niantic silently slipped into the update as well.

When players started to notice, Niantic confirmed that the spawning rates will see a spike a spike until Nov. 11, During that time, PokéStops will also be handing out no less than six items every time they are accessed. The image above comes from a Reddit user who claims that the game spawned roughly 30 Pokémon in an area at one time.

I saw a Machop nearby and so I got ready. Put my jacket on, then my shoes, and walked out. I saw 10 Pokémon next to each other as I started walking to the left and thought that was weird. I took a screenshot. I walk further and nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. Over 30 Pokémon all spawned together at the same place. It was hard to select Pokémon as they were all on top of each other.

Pokémon GO is still reaching new audiences

I now feel trapped in an alternate universe where I parents know what a Pidgeotto and a Magnemite are. The fact that they hit level 25 after only a month, and I’m still hovering at 22 since this summer is also mind-numbing as to how much they’ve been playing. However, the audience is still reaching new players despite the rates of people quitting also being relatively high.

Those playing seem to feel a little energized now that Niantic is actively updating the game with events and bonuses. I’ve been happily turning on and actually ran out of PokéBalls for the time with all of the little monsters running around.

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