Putin Inspects The Federal Security Service’s ‘Punisher’ And Other Intimidating Vehicles

Putin Inspects The Federal Security Service's 'Punisher' And Other Intimidating Vehicles

Vladimir Putin loves to check out and even ride in the different vehicles that make up Russia’s national security arsenal. Yet we have never seen him alongside one of Russia’s most garish vehicles, the Federal Security Services “Punisher” or “Chastiser” armored car, until now.

We have been following this exotic Zil creation since its prototype stage, and videos of it on the road have emerged. It has also appeared sparingly in some staged PR videos for Russia’s domestic commando units. Aside from that, it seems like the FSB has kept the hard-to-hide battle wagons out of the spotlight for the last few years.


The FSB’s high-ranking show-and-tell slash mini car show happened after Putin gave a speech congratulating Russia’s internals security forces for stopping multiple terrorist attacks. During his tour, he also checked out the Kamaz Viking heavy armored truck and the Kamaz Extreme dune buggy.


Now that the Punisher has been officially unveiled, expect to see a lot more of it as Russia loves to show off their military and para-military capabilities, especially as a way to drum up interest in foreign sales.…

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