Qualcomm teases Snapdragon Flight drones in new video

Qualcomm released a video this week teasing Snapdragon Flight, its new custom chipset for drones, ahead of an official unveiling at CES 2016. The company says its platform will bring complex features to a wider range of drones while improving battery life and decreasing the price.

Snapdragon Flight supports autonomous controls, and the video demonstrates this as a drone zigzags its way through an obstacle course without human help. We also see 3D mapping in action, along with plenty of cools shots of the Snapdragon-powered drone taking off and landing.

In an earlier interview with The Verge, Qualcomm claimed its Snapdragon Flight platform could bring the price of a typical 4K camera-equipped drone down to $300 or $400 (right now you’ll probably pay over $1,000). The company also says it can push battery life as far as a full hour, up from about 20 minutes.

Qualcomm already dominates the smartphone industry with its Snapdragon chips. If Snapdragon Flight can deliver on these promises, the company may soon be just as dominant when it comes to drones.

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