Reports: LeSean McCoy involved in brawl with off-duty police officers, could face arrest

LeSean McCoyBill Wipper/AP

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was reportedly one of four current and former NFL players involved in a brawl with four off-duty police officers in Philadelphia that left two officers hospitalized, according to multiplereports.

McCoy, who finished up his first season in Buffalo following an extended stint on the Eagles, has not been arrested, but reports that the police are seeking arrest warrants for assault.

According to the official police report, an argument broke out at an Old City club over the ownership of a bottle of champagne. A brawl ensued. From CSN Philadelphia:

According to the report, “an argument ensued as to the ownership of the bottle,” at which point McCoy, Brinkley and Christopher Henderson “assisted [Porter].” During the ensuing altercation, according to the report, Butler was knocked to the ground and “punched, kicked and stomped about his body and head multiple times.”

Two of the off-duty officers were hospitalized as a result of the incident. From CSN Philly:

A law enforcement official told that two of the officers suffered broken ribs. According to the report, Butler transported himself to Delaware County Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for a laceration to his right eye, a broken nose, broken ribs and a sprained thumb. Jessie was admitted to Hahnemann Hospital where he received stitches over his left eye and treatment for a possible skull fracture.

“We are aware of the reports regarding LeSean McCoy and are in the process of gathering more information,” the Buffalo Bills said in a statement. “We will not provide any further comment at this time.”

Here is the official statement from the Philadelphia Police Department.

Here is the official statement on LeSean McCoy incident from Philadelphia police

— Mike Rodak (@mikerodak) February 8, 2016

We have reached out to McCoy’s agent for comment.

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