Sony’s new universal remote sports an e-ink display

As part of its First Flight crowdfunding platform, Sony has begun taking pre-orders for the Huis Remote Controller in Japan. Huis (pronounced “house,” don’t ask), is a universal remote with an e-ink touchscreen display, and can be customized through a PC app. It’s meant to be a simple tool that adapts to the TVs and thermostats you have throughout your home.

Sony released a video that best explains what this little gadget can do. It might not be the most attractive universal remote, but it’s designed to be functional, not necessarily good-looking. And the fact that it’s customizable is doubly cool.

Huis users can tweak the controller’s interface to match the array of gadgets currently in their home, whether it’s a TV, Blu-ray player or lights, the remote can be configured to best suit your needs.

The bad news is that the remote, which retails for about $250, is only available in Japan (for now).

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