This annoying site will crash Safari every time


These sorts of things really drive me up a wall. Someone’s always out to ruin the Internet for the rest of us, amirite? The latest offender is a site dubbed “Crash Safari” that does exactly that, crashes Safari whenever you visit it.

I won’t include the URL here because I’m not nefarious, but you can probably figure it out on your own. I’m sure kids are going bonkers with it already.

Of course you can avoid crashing Safari on your computer or iPhone – which is also prone to restarting – by simply using another browser. The real problem, though, is you might not always know that you’re about to tap into the offending URL. Any number of services out there can easily disguise the proper one, so you’ll want to be extra vigilant in opening links from family, friends and strangers that look suspicious.

Apple told iMore that it’s already working on a fix, so we hope that comes out soon and crushes this bug for good.

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