This Porsche 911 R Video Is Like A Jumper Cable To The Heart

This Porsche 911 R Video Is Like A Jumper Cable To The Heart

The 2017 Porsche 911 R is a retro-styled stripped-down rear-drive manual-shift orgasm-in-motion for hardcore automotive enthusiasts. So you might want to draw the shades before you watch this baby in action.

The “911 R” badge is of course intended to evoke the 1967 “purist” Porsche of the same name. Same story with those killer seat-inserts I’m sure.


This car’s powered by a flat-six cylinder engine retching up 500 horsepower. And it doesn’t even have a turbo. Being saddled with even less weight than a standard 911 I’m sure it will be soul-stirringly quick (200 MPH) and I have a feeling this little clip captures the drama of the driving experience pretty well.

Say what you will about practicality, of which this car has very little, but it looks like this is going to be your favorite Porsche’s favorite Porsche for the current generation.


It breaks my heart a little bit to report that this car is allegedly already sold out, but then again the quarters I find in my couch after people come over is still a significant portion of my income so I’m probably not welcome in a Porsche dealership anyway.

Images/video via Porsche

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