ToeJam and Earl get funky with new screenshots and boppin’ soundtrack

Humanature Studios has blitzed its ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove Kickstarter backers with a huge batch of screenshots and two irresistible tracks from the game’s funky soundtrack.

The purpose behind the screenshots is not so much to show off our heroes, but rather all the wacky characters they will randomly bump into on their quest. D&D nerds, the Spanish Inquisition, Hawaiian hula dancers, Ghandi, and the moonwalking tomato elf. Each of these original faces could have been lifted straight from a 90s Nicktoon, and they are bound to tickle the nostalgia bone in a lot of 30 somethings.

Even better than the art style, though, is the soundtrack. It doesn’t get any more 90s than this, and listening to the “Rocket Rap” track makes me think I’m about to watch a new Seinfeld comedy segment.

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