What Is The Most Metal Car On Sale Today?

What Is The Most Metal Car On Sale Today?

We’ve been out testing a radioactive-lime colored Mercedes G Wagon 4×4² recently, which is pretty damn metal. But it isn’t for sale (yet). It is similar to the Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6, which is quite possibly the most metal car on sale today (or recently for sale). That is, unless you can prove me wrong.…

So when pondering the thought of the most metal car on sale today, I considered the new Morgan EV3 electric 3-Wheeler, which is soon to be on sale (and you could probably secure one now with enough cash). I also mulled over the more obvious Hellcat twins, for ripping a rift into hell every time you jam the throttle and melt the rubber. That’s pretty metal.


But we can do better. We can aim higher. What car do you think deserves an epic 25 minute guitar solo with giant flame cannons firing in the background? What current car deserves the title of Most Metal Car On Sale Today?

If you have a song to go with your selection, even better. Show us in the comments.


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