What’s The Best Future Classic You Can Buy Right Now?

When something like a Mercedes 190SL goes from being a $40,000 car to fetching a quarter of a million dollars at auction in the span of a few years, you start to wonder what other cars are future classics in the waiting.

We asked a bunch of auto experts what they considered to be a future classic and we got a ton of different and interesting responses.Some thought that you should look for a car that represents the last of a certain kind of technology. (Air cooled 911s and naturally aspirated M cars spring to mind.)

Others thought that you should look for a car that’s at the absolute bottom of the market that nobody likes. (There was a worthwhile debate about the Nissan 300ZX.)


And others thought that a car needed to be the start of something new, a historical point that people would look back on years from now. (There’s a certain gull-winged hybrid on my mind.)


Watch the video and sound off on what you think will be loved in the future. There are many forms of appreciation, and money is only one of them.

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